Vila Bueno

City History

During the 19th century, while Vila Bueno settlement was in consolidation process, a man worked tirelessly to elevate the village to the status to the status of a district, this man planned the raising of a new paulista city.

Colonel Amâncio Bueno gave incentive to the urbanization of the small nucleu and he himself constructed a house at the center of the village.

That house which is nowadays Vila Bueno Inn was meant to serve as home and as well as economical demonstration of power.

Eclecticism was the style in which the house was inspired, walls of five meters of high, door and windows graciously ornamented, the house had to have a high basement and a reinforced roof in fact the structure was done to last for centuries. Once the house was ready Colonel Amancio took one of his wives Dona Ermelinda to live in there.

That was a time of romantic stories, determination and many, many business trips throughout the region, in spite of Colonel Amancio’s busy life he used to gather the elite of the region’s landowners in his house, to have business and politics meeting.

After being Colonel Amâncio’s residence the house became shelter for the students of the Colégio Rosa, in 1889 by the time of the yellow fever epidemic wave which took thousands of lives in Campinas.

The house had always an important role in Jaguariuna’s development in the year 1886 happened an election which was very important to the region.

Vila Bueno open us its doors to the tourism, to those executives who come to Jaguariuna attracted by this technological pole which is one of the São Paulo’s province proud.

Come to see by yourself this beautiful house, it’s a collyrium to one’s eyes and happiness to one’s heart.